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INTRODUCTION: Today’s Stock Market

A very good morning, friends, you are very welcome to today’s latest news. That’s what will happen. We are going to start as usual with the world economy, which is news about the world economy that is about two important companies which is quite important from the point of view of the global economy,

TSMC Numbers and Tesla fall

although there is no new news regarding the geopolitical situation. What has happened between Iran and Israel and oil price all this news is in line with whatever the expectations are but the main thing that we can talk about is that TSMC that is Taiwanese semiconductor company and Tesla are some of their important If we come to the data point, TSMC’s result was the first to come yesterday and the result was good overall.

If we look at the first quarter of the calendar year, the company’s revenue has increased by 16.5%, so overall strong year on year rise is seen. Why is TSMC important in TSMC’s numbers? Because TSMC is a company which is one of the biggest semiconductor manufacturers and that is a key indicator of the AI.

The demand for AI is a big indicator of the way AI is currently functioning in the industry. TSMC is a very good proxy of whatever is happening in the world of AI in the world of electronic manufacturing. If there is a company like TSMC, then the positive earnings that have come are such good earnings that they are on the back of growing demand for chips.

AI is coming through in the industry and largely like I said TSMC’s earnings are seen as an indication of what kind of revolutions are coming in the AI ​​industry so in particular this has always been a source of demand for TSMC given That very advanced AI chips are made by TSMC, so these numbers are being seen accordingly. Another company that needs to be talked about is Tesla’s stock price which has stumbled to almost 15 months low, so there is a very significant drop.

There has been some investment in their price. Major investment banks like D Bank have said that there is a considerable risk in the valuation of the company. And even in the Chinese market, the company has to face a lot of competition from companies like BWadi and even European. Chinese companies are dominating the EV sales in the markets, so a correction on Tesla’s stock price seems quite natural.

NSE to launch Nifty Next 50 index derivatives

The news from the Indian side is about SEBI’s decision to launch the Nifty Next 50 index for derivatives. NSC took the decision that the derivatives of Nifty 50 index will also start from this month for which they have got the approval of SEBI yesterday, so the derivatives which NSC is going to launch will be effective from 24th of April 2024.

They had approved it to everyone, and CB has approved it so which is NSC which is the exchange that it is going to offer three cycles a cycle of three serial monthly expiry and like like there is a system for expiry in every week so here but which will be the last Friday of the expiry month, its expiry there will be that.

Talking about Nifty Next 50, the financial services sector again dominates this segment with almost 24 per cent weight in the Nifty Next 50, although the index which is this every six month. The composition of what is in it changes, some of the Nifty companies which are under performing companies come in Nifty nex and some better companies are outside the top 100 so they also become part of 50 in Nifty first.

Overall if we see then there is a concern. The thing here is that because of new derivatives being launched for indices that did not have derivatives till now, it almost feels like the stock market has become a slot machine with different products being created for the many traders who are there.

So that can be useful to everyone who wants to do trading. This is a bit concerning on this part A. You must have already been watching for the last one year in our news segment that we have always said that about the Growing Trading Volume and about it you even brokerage companies. If you see the results of Jijal One, then from there you can clearly see that the trading volume is increasing very much in a sense that is quite concerning.

Because as you know the number of people who are making losses in trading is quite high so it remains to be seen how how this is going to happen in the next few months but this is a very big concerning thing even yesterday if you See the Markets How They Move From a trading perspective yesterday was a very difficult day for a lot of traders from what I’ve read through social media so this is what is happening right now in the markets and obviously such new derivatives giving derivatives of new indices could be a concerning thing from the Stock Market

Infosys Q4 Results

Perspective Moving forward to Stock Wise Updates Result season has started and yesterday the results of OS4 were announced Net profit of the company is almost Rs 8000 crores 7969 crores It is a little better than what was expected Generally If we see, a dividend of Rs 8 has been declared, however, the main problem is that the company has revised its guidance again.

In the last five quarters, the company has almost revised its guidance every time. There is always no surprise in the IT results. Usually it does not come in terms of revenue increase and profit increase. Everyone’s eyes are on what kind of guidance the company is giving. First of all let’s talk about the numbers.

Revenue of os7 923 crores for Q4 F&24 was of the company. The company also announced an acquisition of Intake Holding GmbH, a company which is an ER ND service provider in ER ND services. If we talk about the guidance, the company has given a guidance of 1 to 1% for FVA 25. The guidance given here overall seemed to be the flavor of his commentary that the weakness that is there is continuous, it is continuing in the discretionary and digital projects so that is a concern for the company. The revenue guidance has

always been on the decline which is full year. The guidance was that it was 1.5 to 2 but again that has been revised here so the revenue in revenue terms also and again the margins though remained quite decent for the company as they remained on the expected lines in fact the ADRs of Fossis which were American Depository Receipts were down by 7 when the US markets opened yesterday, so it remains to be seen how the Indian market also perceives this.

The main thing always in IT results is what kind of guidance the company is giving and on the guidance.

Bajaj Auto Q4 Results

There will be more reaction rather than the numbers for the results Buzz O also reported its Q4 numbers yesterday the company’s profit was almost Rs 2000 crores Even this result was a bit better than expectation The company also declared a very good dividend again as usual the company has been a good dividend paying company which is the profit number of the company which has correspondingly shown an increase of 18 in these numbers.

If we talk about the two wheelers and three wheelers related revenue, that too has been quite good for the company. Consistent growth has been seen across all quarters. If we also talk about overall FVA 24, the company has had a very good year in terms of how these things impact the EV industry.

It was believed that companies like Bajaj Auto are quite late to join the EV industry. Band Wagon of Electric Vehicles Electric Two Wheelers But Still Dev Manage to Do Quite Well in Spite of Not Being the First Mover So that is a very commendable effort from the Manage a but a lot of things again they are even trite do as well So all these things will also take bearing on their stock price.

The operating margins of the company are 19.7 which is up by 180 basis points. This is what the company says: The company has used these words like dynamic financial management, that is, they have managed the profit and loss quite well. Due to that, their margins have been better, this is the words of the company, here the product mix has been better, the company has also benefited from operating leverage, this is what the management said in its guidance,

HDFC Life Q4 Results

Q4 results of ADFC Life were also announced. The net profit of the company has increased from Rs 15 crore to Rs 411 crore. If we look at the overall numbers, we have to understand some base effect. If you remember last year’s Q4, then the taxation from 1st April to 1st April 23rd. Because of the regime, Q4 was very good for all the insurance companies. Because of the changes in some taxation regimes, it was expected that in this quarter, because of that base quarter value of new business will be less and on expected lines value of the number of new businesses is seen falling, it has.

fallen by 18.3. If we talk about other numbers, if we talk about net premium income, then it has been a quite decent number for the company. For this quarter at around Rs 200,488 crore, which is up. Buy around 5.4 If we talk about profit as I said the profit of Rs 411 crores is up by around 15 but so overall in both terms the company has done quite well.

FSSAI examining Nestle infant milk issue

Next news is about Nestle so food regulator which is FSS. AI They have taken cognizance of a charge that is label against Nestle Nestle is a public income tax investigative organization of Switzerland They had released the news day before yesterday that Nestle is adding sugar in the form of sucrose and honey in samples of a product called Nido, which is one of their products, Nido is so poor in the countries which are less developed countries, there Nestle is adding more sugar in this baby food that was acquired by this Swiss organization, so its cognizance is

India’s food safety. And the standard authority is SSCI, they have also taken it, they have said that they will give them a report on this, they are examining this report from public income from the Swiss authority and later they will give their views on this as well so due to this, Nestle’s The stock was almost down from 5, which is the biggest fall for the company in the last three years, so it may have some impact on the fundamentals of the company, that is what it seems from the reaction of the stock

markets, however, what is the exact result on this? Observation F: Coming to SSI, we will have to look forward. Such food regulatory problems of Le Nestle have happened before. In 2015, there were a lot of concerns over their product Maggi, so this is not new for the company but it has to be seen that What kind of regulations is FSAI here? What are the observations here? This is a very interesting thing to see here. So that was it for today’s news.

Believe it or not

We will move on to the section of Believe It or Not. Today in Believe It or Not, we are going to talk about one such the company was highly appreciated during the pandemic. In terms of the share price but now things have changed dramatically for the company.

We are going to talk about Zoom Communications and the market cap of Zoom which has gone down by 90. From its high, which was the high of its market cap in October 2020, this company has witnessed a wealth destruction of 90 percent. In October 2020, the market cap of Zoom Communications was larger than the combined market cap of four airlines companies.

Top Four Airlines Companies in the World Topmost Four Companies which are Airlines Zoom’s market cap was more than their market cap and now things have changed completely. In many ways, we can say that this was expected for a company like Zoom to be like this. This is expected because Padme gave them a huge lift at that time which was not expected that something like this would come but then again it just goes on to show how the market is always going to adapt and if companies don’t adapt to the new.

Business environment, they will continue to face problems here and the biggest thing to see is that a company which was bigger than four airlines combined, is now more than 90, their value has been destroyed, in fact there is one more. A company called Platen which made gym equipment’s, so they have a similar story exactly like, Zoom Communications So we got some interesting examples because of Padme where stock markets have been behaving very differently with different companies so that’s it for today’s stock market news. I hope.

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