Dubai Floods: Heavy Floods Hit DUBAI WHAT Are the Reasons Behind Biblical-Level Flooding?

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I am sure that since this morning you must have been watching many videos everywhere from social media and hearing that there has been a huge flood in Dubai, due to which there has been a flood. The entire city was submerged to a great extent. You can see this news: Dubai Sees Severe Flood after Getting Years Worth of Rain in 24 Are such a city, a place whereas much rain falls in 2 years.

And if the same rain happens within 24 hours, then you understand what the situation will be because see you have to understand that any city is structured and built in such a way where it has climatic conditions. If the climatic condition in Dubai was like this. It is not certain that there will be so much rain there, it was not made that way, and this is the main reason due to which you are seeing so many flood-like situations, but still, we will understand here in a little detail that exactly. What has happened,

due to which reason all these things are being seen,

what is the significance behind it, many people are also saying about cloud seeding, you will get to know a lot in this blog,

Let’s start and first of all see what is happening exactly, see the kind of scenes that have come to the fore. You can see the condition of the airport in Dubai, there are many planes parked there, this is the plane of Fly Dubai, and many videos were coming out that it was moving there and how it was flying like flood. You will see the situation at a place like the airport.

Let me tell you that Dubai International Airport

was recently declared the second busiest airport in the world and because of this, what has happened is that to deal with such situations, once the entire operation at the airport had to be shut down. Many flights were stopped from flying here. The incoming flights which were supposed to land at Dubai Airport have been diverted, so the situation is very bad.

Apart from this, let me tell you that there are flood like situations in different areas of Dubai. You will see carefully how much water is there in the buses and many of the vehicles are on the verge of drowning again. Many such pictures and videos were being shared continuously. Many people also told that they left their car and ran away.

It started raining so suddenly that no one had expected

it and because of this. Schools and many other things have been closed, even malls, but now the question here is that how much rain has happened, that is, how much rain has happened due to which such a situation can be seen in a city like Dubai. Found because whenever we talk about Dubai, infrastructure is the first thing that comes to our mind.

World’s tallest building comes to our mind,

then how much rain has fallen at a place like this, then you will be able to see here that it is 6.26 inches. This means more than half a foot of rain within 12 hours. In Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, you will see this. Dubai Metrological Office told that now the question will come in your mind that how much rain occurs every year. Look on N.

On average, every year there is 3.12 inches of rainfall in Dubai, so if you see that within 12 hours there has been 6.26 inches of rainfall, that means 2 years’ worth of rain has fallen within 12 to 24 hours and here let me tell you one more thing. Most of the rainfall in Dubai is around 92 % in the months of November to March and in the month of April there is almost no rainfall as on an average only 0.

13 inches of rainfall occurs in the month of April,

so, it is obvious that There is so much rain that has happened suddenly with a short span of time, due to which so many flood-like situations are being seen and it is not just about Dubai, in fact let me tell you what is happening here that there is a storm. No, it was being circulated by you, it was passing through Oman and because of this, what has happened is that in Oman also about 18 people have died because of this whole storm and here it was passing towards UAE and its Apart from this, here it has become Qatar, it has.

become Bahrain,

you will see similar situations there too and many people have been affected due to this, but now the question here is that why did it rain so much suddenly in Dubai? Look, if we talk about Dubai like any other city, there are a total of seven Emirates in the entire region of the United Arab Emirates, so you know the climate there is hot and dry climate and the rainfall is negligible, you name it.

And the reason for this is that the infrastructure there was never built in that way and when it suddenly rained on Tuesday, people also got scared as to what exactly was happening here and this is what we call torrent. You will often see rainfall here. Since I was watching, it has been raining in Dubai. It is being called Torrent Rainfall.

Torrent Rainfall means very torrential rain.

What happens when you want to have fun in the rain? You like it. It seems that it happens gradually, little by little, but some rains are such that you feel as silent as a stone, so we call that rain torrent rainfall. When very heavy rainfall happens suddenly and what is atmosphere, isn’t it? You understand that due to climate change, it is continuously getting warmer and what is the reason for warming.

If you have read Geography,

the hotter the air becomes, the more capacity it has to absorb moisture. It is obvious that it must have absorbed a lot of moisture at that particular time and when it rains in the form of rain, it is obvious that a lot of rainfall has been seen suddenly here, but see, this is not the only reason, climate here.

Change We understand that things are changing day by day, but what has actually happened in the last 24 hours, that is, if you look at the 24 hours between Monday and Tuesday, just before the rain on Tuesday. Cloud seeding has been done in Dubai within an hour and this is also being said to be a big reason for this.

See, United Arab Emirates has been doing cloud seeding for a very long time,

like I already told you, there is an entire desert area, so there If there is hardly any rain then these people adopt the technology of cloud seeding so that there can be some rain there and people can get relief and if you see in United Arab Emirates, cloud seeding has to be done since 2002 due to water security issues.

And the main aim is that the growing population here can get some water, the economy can be helped, tourism can get relief in a way, then this is the main objective and apart from Dubai also if you look here. But the rest of the regions, be it Saudi Arabia, Oman, they have also adopted this technology and as far as India is concerned, you will remember that last year you suddenly saw a lot of pollution during the winter season.

It was just after Diwali,

even here in India it was being said that cloud seeding could be done in Delhi, just above Delhi so that it rains, but I remember that the date for cloud seeding was kept, probably 21 or 22 November. Something like this, even before that, it rained here due to which there was no need for cloud seeding here.

It has also been tried for some time in all two Maharashtra etc. Well, I will tell you what is cloud seeding. What is its impact and what actually happened in Dubai? How many times was cloud seeding done? Within 24 hours, I will tell you. Look, cloud seeding is basically an artificial method where the chances of rainfall are increased.

Under which some substance is inserted into the clouds.

What is that substance? Silver iodide, potassium iodide or dry ice. It is released into the air. In a way, there is already a formation of clouds there. It is released and it is released basically through helicopters and airplanes and what happens ultimately are the particles that are released that help in the condensation of water vapor and due to this the rain drops.

These are ice crystals, they become your form and ultimately it becomes a big cloud and because of that you get to see rainfall and the cloud seeding which is basically you have to understand that it is done through small slow moving aircraft because you have to slowly- This substance has to be released slowly, if you fly this flight very fast then you will not be able to do it properly, then the flights which are very slow are taken and mostly what is there is that it is kept under the clouds. Because if it is placed on top

then it will be a little difficult to insert it and apart from this, if you see that the success of cloud seeding depends on many other factors which are specific metrological conditions, are they favorable or not because You need to have moisture laden clouds to some extent, that is, the clouds should already have moisture in them.

If there is no moisture in that cloud,

then there is no point in cloud seeding, it will not rain, and apart from this, wind patterns etc. There is a need to follow very well but now the question here is whether there can be flash flood due to cloud seeding. Look, we all know the benefits here, due to cloud seeding there can be rainfall etc.

But there are many risks here also, now what happens that if cloud seeding is done in a particular region and suppose what happened in the case of Dubai, they did cloud seeding but they did not make their infrastructure that way. It was about drainage etc. because they never thought that this much rain could ever be seen inside Dubai.

Now if you look in India,

the infrastructure in India is built in that way to some extent. It is thought that yes, lad. That too is not 100%. We all know that flood situations are seen very often in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, so no matter how much infrastructure you build in India, you will still get flood like situations because Every year there is heavy rain here but Dubai did not think like this, then the problem is that you have done cloud seeding but you will not be able to make it a major. Brother, it is raining, so if

you press the button, it rains. If you switch off the button then the rain stops, this is not possible, it ultimately depends on many other things, sometimes due to cloud seeding, there may be excessive rain, but your infrastructure should be such that due to that Apart from this, the experts here have confirmed that in the last 24 hours, flights were flown several times in Dubai so that the entire method of cloud seeding can be made successful.

Many criticisms are also made regarding cloud seeding.

Let me tell you, the scientists here say that the chemical is silver iodide, it has long term effects on the ecosystem such as acidification of the ocean, ozone layer depletion can occur. Because of this, the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere may increase, its level may increase.

Silver is considered one of the heavy to toxic metals and is not good for our plants, humans and animals. It is harmful, so its criticism is also there. It happens that cloud seeding should not be done. Well, I hope that through this blog you have understood well what exactly is happening in Dubai,

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