Unveiling the Secrets of Cuba: A Deep Dive into its Rich Heritage

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Cuba

Friends, today we are talking about What are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belt and let us take you on a wonderful journey to Cuba. First of all, let us tell you that the official name of Cuba is Republic of Cuba. It is a small country which Apart from this, Cuba is located in the Caribbean Sea, which is a North American country which has many island groups.

Republic of Cuba is the 105th largest country in the world as well as the 83rd largest country in the world in terms of population. The official language of Cuba is Spanish. Actually, it is the 16th and This country was a slave of Spain in the 17th century and this is the reason why the influence of Spanish culture and language is still visible on Cuba and people here like to talk in this language the most.

The Cuban Literacy Rate: A Global Benchmark

The people of Republic of Cuba are considered different from everyone else. You will find that everyone is educated. If you talk to Cuban people, you will feel as if you are talking to a member of a high class society because the way of talking to the people here is considered to be the best in Republic of Cuba. The literacy rate of Cuba is 99.

8% which is considered to be the highest in the world. Now you can imagine what kind of people Cubans will be. You must be well aware of the fact that there are many countries in this world which America considers as its most The name of Republic of Cuba is also included in the list of those countries which consider it to be a big enemy.

At one time the enmity between Republic of Cuba and America had increased so much that the Third World War could have happened at any time. The biggest reason for this enmity between Cuba and America was the country of Cuba. The source of former President Fidel wants to be considered the father of the communist revolution in Cuba.

What Are the Implications of the Ongoing Enmity Between America and Cuba?

Why did America Samarthittara Shah Follenge show Batista the way out while bringing revolutionary changes in Cuba in 1959? That’s why America followed Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro According to the claim, 634 attempts were made to kill him or to make a plan to kill him. America was behind most of these attempts.

Even today, nothing is right between America and Cuba. America has imposed many types of sanctions on this country. You can guess the enmity between the two countries from the fact that Coca Cola is completely banned in Republic of Cuba because it is an American product. Let us now tell you about the capital of Cuba. Today, Dhari is the city of Cuba.

Apart from being the capital of the country, Havana is also the largest city. If you want to know about the history of Cuba and want to see the historical things of this country, then our best place for you is that tourists like to stay in this city the most. Here, people stay outside their homes till late night and like to enjoy their life, that is why Havana is considered to be the most special city of Cuba.

Unbelievable Cultural Practices, Including Cuba’s Coffin Procession

Friends, so many old things are going on in Cuba, whose models are now disappearing from the world. These are mostly used for taxis. Common people also have some old works, which are in very poor condition from inside and outside, but Cuban people ride them with great pleasure. Different countries around the world have different traditions.

A tradition which is normal in one country may be a crime in another country, but in some countries there are such strange strange gems that even after knowing about them, no one can believe that such a thing really happens. The Cuban tradition. You will be shocked to know about this. Cuban people believe in it as if it is a matter of happiness.

During this, the person is kept in a coffin and is taken around the streets of the city. A crowd of people walks behind the coffin and joins the procession. Everyone drinks alcohol, claps and dances and goes to the gate. Not only this, a woman with white hair also becomes the man’s widow. For the last 30 years, this tradition is being followed in Cuba, which is called Burial of Chains here.

What makes Cuba’s New Year celebration different from other countries?

Seeing this, you will feel as if these people are taking part in a wedding or party. This scary tradition started in the year 1994. People here see it as a sign of a new birth. This festival is quite famous in Cuba and here People of Cuba celebrate it with great pomp and show. New Year is celebrated with great craze all over the world.

Almost all countries celebrate New Year in a different way, but when we talk about Cuba, then it becomes something else. Cuba is different. Celebrates the New Year. The New Year is welcomed with a special wish in Cuba. Especially the people who are fond of traveling, they circle around their house with their suitcase at midnight on the New Year.

It is believed that doing so Apart from this, some people clean the house at night while some people throw water out of the window of the house at midnight. Now what can we say, this country is also strange and the exploits here also make Cuba a It is called a country of traditions because in this country there is not just one tradition which is popular all over the world but there are many things here which you will not get to see anywhere else.

Discover the Extravaganza of Singer Festival in Cuba

Singer Festival is organized every year in Cuba. It is organized with such pomp that you will be stunned to see Cuba’s hunting fest. In this festival, not only the people of Cuba but about 1500 people from 50 countries across the world participate. This festival, which lasts for 5 days, has many types of events. There are competitions.

In these competitions, the contestants are not only made to visit tobacco gardens but are also taken to the city to hunt factories. In this best of Cuba, the world’s biggest cigarette brands take part. Now, in a country where so many When there is a big hunting festival, it is obvious that people in the country are very fond of smoking cigars.

Cuban people are most fond of smoking cigars in the whole world, where a campaign against smoking is going on. So Cuba’s economy is mostly dependent on cigars and smoking. Perhaps you would be aware of this. Christmas celebration in Cuba was banned for 30 years. In 1959, when Fidel Castro’s communist government came to power, Cuba was declared an atheist.

What is the significance of Silent Christmas in Cuba ?

Raj ji was declared and at that time the people of this country are not able to celebrate the festival of Christmas. The bandh imposed on Christmas in Cuba for 30 years is locally known as Silent Christmas. Friends, after going to Cuba, you will get to know about this Many such things will be seen in the country which are quite different from other countries, like people here prefer hitchhiking rather than bus or train for travelling, traveling by asking for lift from other

s i.e. traveling by asking for lift from anyone for free. This is a way of traveling by which you can travel anywhere without spending money or even by spending very little money. The special thing is that if you ask for a lift from someone on the streets of Cuba, no one will even consider you. It is a shame to carry a passenger in the government tax of Cuba, that is why in this country, there is a lot of hit in the train.

If you eat a lot of Cuban food, then sea food is most liked in this country, along with this, it is the most popular among the traditional Cuban food. Rice is eaten with mostly black, pork and chicken meat. One dish is considered to be the most favorite dish of Cuban people. Apart from this, Cuban people like to eat seafood very much. Cuban seafood is so tasty that even in the neighboring countries.

Unique Experiences to Have in Cuba

People come to Cuba especially to eat its seafood. If you want to see the smallest bird in the world, then you will find it in Cuba. Hummingbird is considered to be the smallest bird in the world. It is also called a rat. This is a surprising thing. This is that the humming bird is slightly larger than the bee. This bird is found in the Cuban Islands and the West Indies.

Also, its weight is only 1.6 grams, so the same male, its length is up to 2.24 inches, which is so small that the first When you see it, you will not believe that it is a bird, but friends, it is true that humming bird is considered the pride of Cuba. There is a lot to visit in Cuba and see in the country which will make your tour memorable. This country is UNESCO.

Here you can see the Finale Valley where tobacco is made in the most unique way in the world, as well as the Castle of Sand Pedro, a 1648 fort that was once a pirate hideout. If you are thinking of traveling to this country, then there are many things related to this country which are very important for you to know, like friends, people here cannot use mobile or internet in their homes, there is internet facility here.

How far is Anti-American Square in Cuba from the US border?

Hotspots are available for this, for which you will have to first take permission from the Cuban government. In this country, carrying anything related to a microphone or satellite without the permission of the government is considered the biggest crime. Friends, in Cuba there are still old ideas and old traditions. Cuba is dominated by taxes.

Anti-Americanism is still the same as it was in the 70s and 80s. There is an anti-American square where Cuban citizens gather to express their opposition to America. It is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is just a stone’s throw from America’s Florida. It is at a distance of 90 kilometers, so now let us tell you what is the visa process and how much money will you have to spend to visit Cuba.

Let us tell you that if you have all the documents, then you will get the visa within about six days and If you are alone, then you will have to spend about 6 lakh 36 thousand rupees in seven to eight days to visit Cuba. Cuba is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, that is why it is very expensive to visit this city.

Friends, why is Cuba’s currency? Value of Band Paisa Juice is around Rs 3.15 Indian So friends, how did you like this beautiful cuba ? Tell us in the comments, have you ever visited this country? If you have, then how was your experience? Share it with us too.

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