Unveiling the Dark Secrets Electoral Bond in India
Unveiling the Dark Secrets Electoral Bond in India

Unveiling the Dark Secrets Electoral Bond in India

Electoral Bond Scheme A Breach of Public Trust

Hello friends, your money has been stolen. The money of the entire public of the country has been looted. This is probably the biggest scam in the history of independent India. After listening to me, you may feel that I am exaggerating or exaggerating things. But it is not so at all, the thing is that this Electoral Bond scam is not just one scam but a storehouse of scams.

There is such a long list of scams that you will get tired of counting and not only this, along with this, this country Let us understand what exactly happened in today’s video. Friends, it can be done in this way – you give me a donation, I will give you a business and if you do not give a donation, I will send you to the ED, I have talked about this donation business model in many of my videos before.

But now we have direct evidence of this. It was in 2017 when the Modi government had introduced the scheme of Electoral Bond and made it a means of taking donations for political parties. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today announced the content of electoral bond. For funding of political parties, the special thing is that in this scheme everything was done secretly from the public.

We were not supposed to know which companies would give how much money to which parties. Those who were following this news at that time, they already understood this. Were told that a huge scam is going to happen here, seven years ago I had also made this video and had openly said that from this day corruption has become legal in India, on 22 March 2017, there is no need for the company to tell what it is doing. She is donating her money to the political party.

The Truth Behind the Electoral Bond Distribution

We all should thank the Supreme Court that after 7 years this scheme was declared unconstitutional and all the scams that happened in these 7 years are now coming out and we can come to know about it. In the recently held India Today Conclave, Home Minister Amit Shah openly lied about the Electoral Bond

He said that the total bonds worth Rs 00 crore were sold, out of which BJP got only Rs 6000 crore and who has the remaining bonds worth Rs 14000 crore? Bharatiya Janata Party has got bonds worth approximately Rs. 6000 crores, total bonds are Rs. 20000 crores, where are the bonds worth Rs.

14000 crores? There was a TV news anchor sitting in front of them who was sitting eating elephant khichdi, either he forgot this or did not have the courage. They asked Amit Shah to fact check because the total ECI data on Edge was not Rs 20,000 crore but Rs 12,700 crore which was cashed between April 2019 and January 2024. Out of this Rs 12,000 crore, BJP has Rs 6,000 crore.

Bonds were given which is at 47.5. Meanwhile, the party at second place was Trinamool Congress which got bonds worth Rs. 1600 crores i.e. at 12.6. Congress is at third place with 1400 crores which is at 11.1 but further list. Also let me count you, BRS was at fourth place with 1200 crores, BJD at fifth place with 700 crores, DM at sixth place with 600 crores, then YSR with 300 crores, TD with 200 crores, Shiv Sena with 150 crores and the rest of the parties were RJD, AP, JDS, SKM, NCP.

All of them received donations between Rs 30 to Rs 70 crore. After seeing this list, many BJP politicians and Godi influencers make the excuse that BJP is a very big party, there are more than 300 MPs, there are so many MLSs, there are thousands of party workers, so they get more money.

If donations are being received then it is justified and if we calculate the ratio of MP on donations collected then this ratio of BJP is less than other parties, it means BJP is not as bad as other parties, talk about any census as I told you earlier. The scam is here, you give me donation, I will give you business, if you don’t donate then I will hang you in ED, but just giving donation or taking donation in itself is not a scam, anyone can donate to political parties but if in exchange for donation.

Top Scams Involving Public Money: Exposing the Real Scammers

They are given any contract, public tax money is given to them and the companies which do not donate are given the noose of ED, this is the storehouse of real scams. Now think about tomorrow, Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi will start saying that brother, it is ours. It is such a big company, it has so many employees, that is why we looted so many rupees, but if we calculate the employee loot, then we are not that big a thief and people’s objection is not that why did Vijay Mallya earn so many crores of rupees? Earning money is something. There is nothing wrong, the

objection is that why should they earn money by looting the public money, no one has a problem with the fact that why BJP took donations, the problem is with the fact that a big extortion racket was run here to collect donations. This is the cause of democracy. The lie that Amit Shah openly told and looted public money was repeated by BJP politician RP Singh. In total, election wands worth crore were received, out of which Rs. 6000 crore is with BJP and Rs. 14000 crore has gone to the opposition. Lie. Speak, lie again and again and this is ANI Dainik Jagran India Today, all of them have published this lie without checking, leave alone catching the lie, India Today people even put the headline Amit Shah blasts opposition and then these people are crying that Why do you call us Godi Media? Before going into the details of the scams, let us understand how these Electoral Bond work.

You can basically understand an Electoral Bond. Friends, like a coupon, the company used to give money to the bank and this Used to buy coupons and these coupons were given to political parties and political parties could redeem those coupons and could access the money kept in the bank. The rule was made that if any political party in its electoral bundle If she does not cash these coupons and does not redeem them, then within 15 days whatever will go into the unclaimed fund.

When this Electoral Bond scheme came out, there was a journalist who thought that there should be a deeper investigation into this thing and testing. To do this, she herself bought two electoral bonds. This journalist was Poonam Aggarwal. She went to the Parliament branch of SBI and on 4th April and 9th April 2018, she bought two electoral bonds.

How did the Finance Ministry respond to the revelation of the secret numbers?

The price of both was Rs 1000 each. At that time she was working for The Quint Media Organization. By watching the video that she uploaded on her channel, you can see that the name of the buyer was not written on the electoral bond, nor was any other detail written about who had bought it.

It appears that these two bonds were bought exactly by her. It seemed to be the same, there is no difference except the date which is written in red color, here it is written 5th April, here it is written 9th April, apart from these two things, there is no difference anywhere in the entire bond, but when they made a bond When it was sent for forensic testing, it was found that every bond has a secret unique alpha numeric number written on it.

This secret number is visible only under ultraviolet light. This was a big shocking thing because with this revelation, another lie of the Modi government was caught. Till now the government was saying that whoever buys electoral bonds, we will keep his identity hidden and no one will know who has bought these bonds.

When this was revealed, the Finance Ministry had to openly admit that there is a secret unique number, but Then they started saying that we know this is the number but it is a security feature, no donation can be tracked through this number and it cannot be found out who is the buyer.

The then Finance Minister Late Arun Jaitley ji. He raised this point again and again in the Parliament debate. He consoled the opposition parties that do not worry, no one will know who is the donor and who is donating money to you. He said that our government has such a big heart that We also take care of the opposition while making laws, but guess what, this was also false.

Modi government’s lie, lie again and again. Retired Navy officer Lokesh Batra filed an RTI and got a file of Finance Ministry. Some more records. These were reviewed by Huff Post India. In all this, SBI explained that without recording these serial numbers, it will not be possible to do audit trail. How will the bank know whether any bond is being faked here or not? Even after making a bond, one can go to the bank, then on January 2018, this notification comes in which it is written in section 64 that SBI will have to give the details of the electoral bond

The Controversy Surrounding Electoral Bond Scheme Revealed

to the law enforcement agencies if they asked, if SBI ever had those details. Not only this, if actually no one was to know the donor details, then how would this rule work, it means that if ED or CBI wanted, they could always know which electoral bond has been donated by which company.

Do you understand the meaning of this, friends? You already know that agencies like ED and CBI have become puppets in the hands of the government. This means three things have become very clear. Firstly, the public should never know how much donation is given to which political party and which company. How much amount does it donate? All the information was hidden from the public.

Second opposition political parties also did not have to know which companies donate to BJP and how much they donate. They could only know about their donations and thirdly but BJP. The government seems to know everything – who is donating, how much is being donated, which political parties are being donated, the information about all the companies is always with the government.

It has become a secret weapon for the Modi government against the opposition and most of the opposition. The parties did not know anything about this, when the court declared this entire scheme unconstitutional, then there was a petition responsible for it, a petition which was filed by CPIM political party and advocated by NGOs named Common Cause and Association for Democratic Reforms ADR.

Prashant Bhushan was arguing against their behavior and against this scheme, then there are some other organizations and people whom we should thank due to which this scam came to light. The Supreme Court said many things regarding the scheme but two things were very special, first.

So, the public has the right to know how much donations are given to political parties and who donates. This electoral bond scheme was against the public’s right to information and secondly, the Supreme Court expressed its concern. Expressed about this donation business model, the court said that these contributions can be made as pure edge business transactions.

How Did SBI Handle the Release of Electoral Bond Data?

Companies are donating donations to get benefit in some returns. On the basis of all this, the court asked SBI to release the data. Give the bank books, give the account of the devastation of the country and in the beginning SBI made many excuses that otherwise it will take 3 months, we can do this after the elections but when the court ordered again, the data was released within two days.

It was done and this data was published on the website of the Election Commission. This data which was published on the website of the Election Commission is divided into two different lists. The first list tells which companies and which people. How much amount of electoral bonds were purchased and the second list shows how much amount of electoral bonds were encashed by which political parties, but SBI very cleverly did not reveal the secret numbers, without these both the lists are exactly one another.

It was not possible to connect to SBI. Again an attempt was made to hide things from the public. Once again the Supreme Court scolded SBI that it cannot publish the data selectively in this manner. Then it was asked to publish all the data by 21st March. Now all the remaining political parties in the country knew the list of their respective donors, they knew who had made the donation they had received, so 10 political parties themselves put their list in front of the public.

That we reveal our data publicly, SBI should do it or not, these parties are Samajwadi Party, Aam Aadmi Party, National Congress Party, JDU, JDS, DMK, ADM, MK, JKNC, a party of Goa, MGP and SDF of Sikkim. On top of these, I would say that there are four political parties which have created electoral bonds. Never accepted as a matter of principle This is CPI CPIM All India Forward Bloc and CPIML These parties can definitely be criticized on some other issue but their stand on this issue is worthy of praise and all the rest There are political parties

which have accepted electoral bonds, their leaders say that we accepted them because we have come up with a true scheme, so we use it thinking that our donors will not have any problem. Anyway, only donations. Taking it does not mean that it is a scam, you will say, but if you also benefited from Electric Bund, then we are not in a position to give the contract or sell it to any public sector company or threaten using ED and CBI.

The Truth Behind Tax Evasion: A Closer Look at Company Scams

Only the one who is rich can donate, he is the one who is rich, he is the one who is a contractor, he is big in the trade business industry, only he can donate, so you have understood the theory a lot, friends, now let’s come to the practical and talk about real scams. In all these scams, three entities have evolved, first is the political party which is in power, it can be BJP in the central government or any other party which has a state government, second is the big companies which have donated funds through the electoral fund

and third. The general public i.e. the public keeps a box below these three, the box below the political party is the box of donations, the box below the company is the box of company’s money and the third box below the public is the government money. That is, it is a box of public money. Now imagine if the government takes out money from the public box and puts it in the company’s box and in return the company takes out money from its own box and puts it in the party’s box through electoral bonds, will you call it a

scam or not? You will say that it is obviously a scam. In Haryana, a story is told about a born thief who loots money from the rich and distributes it among the poor, like the story of Robin Hood, but this electoral bank is a storehouse of scams, here people are being cheated from the poor people and from the general public.

Money is being looted and given to the rich. How exactly is this being done? Let us understand with three concrete examples. The first is tax avoidance by companies who do not pay taxes. Non-payment of taxes means that our people’s coffers are Money is not coming, it means that government employees will not get their salaries on time, there will be no recruitment in government jobs, schools and hospitals will not be improved because the public money which was supposed to be used for the welfare of the public is being reduced. Now in such a case,

if a company is not paying its taxes, then what should the government do? It should raid it, but instead of raiding, think about a bargain made that you donate to our political party and whatever you did He has stolen public money, he should go to hell, no matter the scam you are doing, we will let you keep doing it and keep your ED silent, you understand the chronology, look at the top five donor companies in the list of Lateral Bunds, out of these five Three companies are Future Gaming Mega Engineering and a mining giant Vidanta.

How does the government ensure quality work and fair pricing in public projects?

All these companies were raided by ED and Income Tax. In fact, The Quint analyzed the top 30 donors and found out that out of the top 30 companies, 14 companies were raided by agencies. Now one thing can happen that the company had not done anything wrong, the company was honest but in such a case the government said that if you are honest then what, we want your money so spend a week quietly.

Basically the government should do extortion here. The reason is that Congress politician Rahul Gandhi called Prime Minister Modi a recovery brother but the second case may be that the company has actually done money laundering here and has committed a scam but the government said that you are doing money laundering and ev

ading tax i.e. You are stealing public money, no problem, steal it, just donate to our party, now some people will say here that this model of donation business is going on, let it continue, what problem are we facing with this? The first problem is this. Look, government money is public money, rules have been made as to how the government should spend that money.

Rule 21 of the General Financial Rules says that while spending public money, any officer should be as careful as any officer. A common man with reasonable intelligence is careful while spending his money. The government cannot give the contract of any public project to any company as per its wish.

There are different eligibility criteria while issuing tender notices that the minimum level How much experience does the company have? What is the company’s past performance? Does the company have the technical capability to build this bridge or not? What is its manufacturing facility? How is the financial position of that company? A contract is given to a company after seeing all these things to determine which one is the best.

Who else will do the quality work and do it at the right price? Is it so that they are overcharging and the public tax money is being looted? Now everyone will remember the tunnel that collapsed in Uttarakhand, 41 laborers were trapped. Do you know which company the contract to build that tunnel was given to a company named Navyug Engineering and this company had purchased electoral bonds worth Rs 55 crore between 2019 and 2022.

Let me tell you another story in December 2021 in Ahmedabad. An under construction flyover had fallen down. This flyover was being built by a company named Ranjit Build Co. This was the third incident. When an inquiry was conducted involving the same company, it was found that this company had compromised on the quality of concrete and construction.

Unveiling the Nexus Between Corporations and Political Parties

But do you know that this company was also given many different projects in many civic bodies of Gujarat, Rajkot, Surat, Ahmedabad’s Gandhinagar metro rail project was also given to it, this is where the business and donations are, as per the list here in January. And between July 2023, this company had purchased electoral bonds worth Rs 9 crores.

Listen to another example, Pune based company BG Shirke Construction Private Limited, between January 2023 and January 2024, it had purchased electoral bonds worth Rs 118 crores and about a year before this. In June 2022, an FIR was lodged against this company for death by negligence because four people had died in an elevator crash at the housing project construction site of this company.

Before this, another such incident had happened in October 2018 at the construction site of this company. But four people had fallen down from the tower crane and died. You can see that for a political party there is no concern about your life, they are only interested in their donations. If they shout then let them shout, first shout they will get tired later then forget it.

Go look at this cloud engineering company. It had bought electoral bonds worth Rs 966 crore between 2019 and 23. This much donation was almost a thousand crore rupees. Why would a company want to donate to political parties? Three more companies were associated with it: Western UP Power Transmission Company Limited (SCPC).

Power and AV Trans Pvt. Ltd. If you collect the electoral bonds of all these then it amounts to more than Rs. 00 crores. What did it get in the returns? In June 2019, Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao had announced Kalesh Vam Multi Purpose Irrigation Project. Now in February In 2024, CAG submitted a report in which it was found that the earlier estimated cost of this project was Rs 81000 crore but now it was exceeding Rs 1.47 lakh crore.

CAG said in another report that mega engineering will cost Rs 5180 crore. Payments were made for four packages which included supply and commission of pumps, motors and equipment. CAG also informed that apart from Megh Engineering, there were other contractors like LNT and Navayug Engineering and if all these are taken together then All these contractors had received extended due benefits worth Rs 7500 crore.

It was also written in the report that the government was too hasty in awarding the projects. 17 different works worth Rs 25000 crore were awarded even before the detailed project report came. Not only this, the National Green Tribunal had also raised red flags on this project in October 2020. NGT said that the environmental clearance given to this project was illegal because this thing was happening in Telangana, there BRS.

If the party is in power, both Congress and BJP said that this Bahubali project has become a cess pool of corruption but listen to the plot further, it was Zojila Tunnel. Here BJP’s Nitin Gadkari is talking about Zojila Tunnel which will connect Srinagar and Le. It was approved by your government. In this tender, the company which won the contract, five people filled the tender and one Medha Engineering from Hyderabad took the job.

Companies That Successfully Bid for Multi-Billion Rupee Contracts

Different companies had bid for it, but in August 2020, a small Hyderabad company got this contract worth Rs 4500 crores Which company Mega Engineering Time Bound Result Oriented and Corruption Fee Corruption Fee Corruption Fee Look at another project Thane Bori Wali Twin Tunnel Mumbai’s MMRDA floated the tender of two packages for this tunnel For construction, in April 2023, Megh Engineering purchased electoral bonds worth Rs 0 crore and in the very next month in May 2023, Megh Engineering gets this project worth Rs 14400 crore.

This is the same company which was raided by Income Tax in October 2019, but Since then, we can see in the list how many crores of rupees worth of electoral bonds were purchased by it between 2019 and 2014 and in the same time period, projects were awarded to it one after the other, not only by the State Government of Telangana but also by Modi’s Central Government.

According to this article, in June 2023, this company was also given a Defense Ministry project worth Rs. 000 crore. Friends, what I have told you till now is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from this, this is a very strange case. It is of a company named Future Gaming which is a lottery company. When this company was being raided by the central agencies, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was tweeting photos where she was meeting the lottery king’s son.

Apart from this, there were some cases. When beef exporting companies donated to parties by purchasing electoral bonds, this is a case which should open the eyes of many people who vote for this party in the name of religion. Again, there are cases like Vidanta EMI of Mining Joints. L GHCL MSPL How is it accused of bending environmental rules, there is a case of Quick Supply Chain which has the same directors which was not earning Mukesh Ambani’s money or was donating more to political parties but for now

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