Top 5 Visit Countries in Asia for a Pleasant Journey
Top 5 Visit Countries in Asia for a Pleasant Journey

Top 5 Visit Countries in Asia for a Pleasant Journey

How to Plan a Memorable Trip to the Top 5 Countries in Asia

today’s is going to be very fun because today Pleasant weather, pleasant valleys, beautiful fairy fairs and greenery everywhere. Brother, whenever we feel like traveling, we search for such a place where we can get all these facilities.

You must be thinking that all this is only in foreign countries. But it is not so because Asia even beats Europe in terms of beauty. Some countries here are so attractive that you should definitely go there. Today we are going to tell you about those top 5 countries of Asia. Where there is a wealth of beauty, so let’s quickly fasten our seat belts and go on a pleasant journey to those beautiful countries.

Number one is India. Friends, India is ruling at number one. Floating post office, Kumbh seen from space is the world ‘s largest. India, which discovered an elevated cricket ground on the moon for the first time, is said to be a confluence of beauty and culture. This country is as beautiful from outside as it is heart-warming from inside.

What makes India a popular tourist destination?

This is the reason why people from foreign countries also come to visit India and One becomes enthralled after seeing the culture, beauty and buildings of this place. Spread over an area of ​​3.28 million square kilometres, there are many buildings built in India, among which the Taj Mahal of Agra is famous even in faraway countries, which is called the target of love.

Apart from this, there are also red stones The Red Fort connected to the Indian Ocean makes both the cities of Agra and Delhi very beautiful and in India, which is called the country of unity in diversity, most of the languages ​​are spoken and it is the second country in the world where English is also spoken the most. Ganga Yamuna Saraswati Along with rivers like Brahmaputra, the Himalayan Mountains increase the pride as well as beauty of this country manifold.

In this country, you will get to see diversity from Pink City Jaipur to Nawabi Chic Bat Lucknow, what to say about Hyderabadi Biryani. In the matter of Chaat Bhandar, Delhi has no answer. Brother, we have to accept that God has filled all this beauty in India itself. We can hardly see Indian-like attire anywhere else because there are as many religions here as there are different types of clothes for the elderly.

How do foreigners assimilate Indian beauty and culture in their clothes?

Dhoti kurta, turban of Punjabis, ghagra choli of Gujaratis, white and red saree of Kolkata and Mekhela chador of Assam, foreigners are so attracted to these outfits that they themselves try to assimilate such beauty and culture in their clothes. Now our India is such that it welcomes whoever comes wholeheartedly, that is why we have a saying that Atithi Dev

o Bhavay i.e. the guest is like God. Also here you will get to see more than one historical temple. If you don’t believe then Krishna. If you come to Mathura, the city of Mathura, then let us tell you that India’s biggest Kumbh Mela needs no introduction because tourists come from all over the world to see the Kumbh Mela.

In the year 2011, there was so much crowd in this fair that this crowd had to be sent to space. Also, the post office located on Dal Lake of Srinagar is an unmatched example of beauty because it is the only post office which floats in water. Be it the beautiful hills of Meghalaya and Himalayas or the tea gardens of Assam, Darjeeling and Tamil Nadu.

How has India emerged as a technological powerhouse?

There is greenery scattered everywhere. Mosin Ram of Meghalaya is the place where it rains the most in the entire world. Friends, along with beauty, now India is setting a flag in technology as well. The weapons of this country’s army are so powerful that Even the biggest countries are now afraid of us. In India, you will get a lot of respect from security to food, delicious food and beautiful desserts.

Believe me, you will never forget the trip to India in your life, so you are coming on this holiday. You will get to see your favorite place in India, Next is Malaysia. Friends, in Malaysia, you will get to see Mount Kena which looks like a samosa, the beauty of Balu Baju Caves, the calm view of Malacca and Peno Hills, why only this unity is seen in this country, people ‘s love for each other.

Apart from being a tourist destination and mouth-watering food, this country is many times more beautiful than the foreign countries, that is why Malaysia is definitely included in the list of tourists. By the way, is Malaysia in your list too? Do tell in the comments and if not. If there is any, then after watching this video you will definitely know.

Is it worth visiting Batu Caves in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a tropical country situated in South East Asia. The capital city of the country is Kuala Alampur which is never called and the reason for this is Kanta Valley which is famous all over the world. It is 3298 45 square kilometers. This country, spread over an area of ​​100,000 acres, has the world’s largest egg farm and what makes this country most beautiful is Peno Hill which is a famous hill station and the most beautiful place in Malaysia and also Malacca will attract you and believe it. Seeing its amazing design, you will

also be attracted towards it. Although Samosa is such a thing which wins anyone’s heart, but when you eat fried noodles and fish curry in Malaysia, then believe me, you will keep licking your fingers in terms of delicious dishes. Not only the answer, if you are also thinking of visiting Malaysia, then forget about Batu Caves.

These caves will give you a different feeling. There is also the famous Batu Temple here which will not disappoint you at all and also the Kina Balu mountain which looks like a samosa. So here is the temple situated at a height of 4095 meters which will make your heart happy.

Unveiling the Allure of Malaysian Girls and Wildlife

Let us tell you that the girls of Malaysia are also very attractive and hardworking and the people here are very open hearted and if you are an animal lover then you will find Zoo Negara here. You will get to see many animals which is a very beautiful zoo spread over 110 acres, so wonder when are you going to Malaysia? Next is Japan. Let’s move ahead to today’s third country.

It is bright from above and a little dark from below. Mount Fuji of Japan is a country with old castles like Shima Island and Osaka Castle, which is always crowded with tourists to see. Japan, consisting of 6852 islands, has about 70 parts of it mountainous, that is, natural beauty with fresh air and calm environment.

In terms of travel, no one can beat Japan. This country, apart from being beautiful, is also punctual, which is why tourists here never have to wait for trains or buses, rather this country provides its guests with timely travel. Takes a tour of the place. People of this country are very happy.

Finding Joy in Small Things: The Japanese Art of Appreciation

You know why because the people here like to read comic books very much and know how to be happy in small things. There is a lot of news about the nuclear attack on Japan. The world knows and also knows what devastation this attack had caused, but in just a few years, this country has developed itself so much that today there is no break in the technology of this country.

Well, if you go to Japan and Tokyo Tower is not there. If you go, then it cannot be as if you have visited Char Dham but leave a pilgrimage site behind, which means your journey is useless, that is why you must definitely see Tokyo Tower because this tower situated in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, is similar to Paris’s Eye Fruit Tower.

Tourists come from all over the world to see what it looks like. It adds to the beauty of Japan and the special thing about Daiji Temple is that the Buddha statue made in this temple is made of bronze and near this temple. Greenery is greenery, you will get to see deer along with other beautiful animals in the gardens built here.

What makes Thailand a popular tourist destination?

Next is Thailand. Thailand is known as the country of white elephants. Here you will find the world’s largest golden Buddha statue. The biggest phaser of crocodiles. Along with the restaurant and the longest hanging bridge, you will also get to see the longest hotel. Spread over an area of ​​5110 square km, this is a country which was known by many names, one of which is Siam.

The heartbeat of this country i.e. the capital is Bangkok. Apart from being the largest, most beautiful and most pleasant city of the country, it is also very developed. Buddhism is followed in this country, that is why here you will find 95% of the population following Buddhism and this is the reason why Thailand A different peace and beauty is seen, although many festivals are celebrated in this country in which tourists come running to participate, but the most different festival is completely dedicated to monkeys, it is named as Mangi Buffet

Festival. It is known that Thailand comes at number one in the list of Indians, one of the reasons for which is that along with relaxation, there is a lot of adventure in this country. Kata Beach, Patan Beach, Karon Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand. The beauty of Thailand attracts most of the tourists in Asia.

What makes Fifi Island in Thailand a popular tourist destination?

There is a Fifi Island in Thailand. On this island you will enjoy very clear water and lukewarm sunshine. Let us tell you that every year most of the tourists come to Fifi Island of Thailand. You may not believe it but in this country you can enjoy shopping while floating because there is a floating market in Thailand where shopping has a different fun.

However, Thailand has also made complete arrangements for the food lovers in this country. You will get to eat many delicious dishes like Pad Thai, Red Curry, Spicy Shrimp Soup and Thai Sweets. Friends, now let us show you the country of Asia which is famous all over the world. China, friends, finally, it is the turn of the country which is famous all over the world.

Brother, if you know Asia ‘s most beautiful country i.e. China only because of The Great Wall of China, then it is very wrong because there are many other things in this country which will make you absolutely happy. The most special tourist in China. The spot is Cyan, which is the city that started the Chinese civilization. People come from far and wide to taste Cyan.

Unveiling the Natural Beauty of China

Apart from this, Shanghai is a bustling city which attracts tourists from all over the world. It has the most beautiful skyline in the world. Shanghai is one of the places where Shanghai Tower is the second tallest tower in the world and from this tower you will get a 360 degree view of the entire Shanghai city and The Great Wall of China is so special that it is one of the seven wonders of the world.

This country is also called the country of rivers because the rivers here are very beautiful. By the way, do you know that China is called the country of flowers. Actually, flowers are cultivated the most in this country. There are many wonders in China. Amazing festivals are also celebrated and this country also celebrates its New Year in a very different way and on a very different day.

People from all over the world come here to see these amazing adventures as well as the natural beauty of this country. So friends, these were the 5 most beautiful countries of Asia.

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