The Battle of Captain Mumbai vs Gujarat Showdown

Mumbai vs Gujarat – What makes a successful cricket captain?

it will happen because this is the competition of Mumbai. It is Mumbai vs Gujarat, it is in Ahmedabad and to be honest, I will see you there this evening, yes I am going, I am also going, Zaheer is also going and Parthiv Patel will be with him, then the whole match is good today on Jio Cinema. You will see because from the ground I will get you a first hand account of what is happening and there are huge sub plots of course Gujarat is last year ‘s finalist and last year’s champion and their captain is now the captain of Mumbai.

Let’s say something different, a new story has started, a new dynamic has been added to this tournament and what will happen after that, now you must have got the idea of ​​what we are doing, we are three players each. Let’s pick from both the teams, Ahmed Dada. Later, for the match this evening, I am going to pick three players from Mumbai and three from Gujarat.

When I look at the team of Gujarat, one thing definitely comes to my mind that It is not easy to replace two top quality Indian players, it is possible to get it but Indian losing those quality players and getting players of their level is damn tough and the second one which is a very beautiful sub plot is of course that the two captains.

And let’s start with Mumbai, so which three players am I looking forward to in Mumbai? Let’s start with Rohit Sharma. Now why am I saying Rohit Sharma because Rohit Sharma had a very good season, that was I think 2013. Probably when he scored around 518 runs, after that there has never been a season above 500.

He has been a very, very successful captain. He has lifted a lot of trophies. And it happens many times that when you are the leader of the team, neither the batting nor the batting is good. It happens some times, he is not able to be that effective. And this season, the way he is batting, he is coming already ready. If you look at his performance for India in the last one and a half years, then this could be his season for me.

It seems that all the eyes will be on Rohit Sharma and not on me. This time I think our hero cam will also be there and you will see what Rohit is doing because now when he was in Chennai, the focus was on what Mahi was doing. 2. Ruturaj was the captain. Now here too, some focus is going to be on Rohit because Rohit also has no meaning, like if there is great emotion then there is something in Rohit too, so Rohit is my first player that I am really close watching, after that I I am wondering why I am saying ishan kishan

How to Strategize for a Successful Cricket Season

because due to my issue, there is a lot of pressure on me as to what is going on, what is not going on. I had taken a break because of a little mental stress, there will be news again. It started that the child does not want to play and is practicing with Hardik but is not available for India, what is happening, some statements come, after that his central contract goes away and suddenly the player who was a very integral part of Indian cricket.

When that suddenness goes away, you think, everything is ok, so I will watch this season of ishan kishan very closely, so it starts from there and the third player of course is Hardik Pandya C. Surya Kumar Yadav is not in this match but Hardik Pandya. The Captain Hardik Pandya The Batter Hardik Pandya The Bowler Hardik Pandya Going to his old franchise I mean there is so much to look forward to that how brother Hardik will captain, it is going to be very interesting because it is a well oiled unit of Mumbai but the bowling which There are some new players in it, now

you will see Romer Shepherd in it, Nuwan Thushara can also be in it, off-course Akash Mandwal will be in it, J.P. Boom Ra can be there, maybe Piyush Chawla can be there with Mohammad Nabi, so this one will be something worth watching. Talk about what kind of 11 will be there in which because Surya Kumar Yadav is no longer there then there is a temptation to do something different, I mean they might just think about that but these are my three players on whom I will focus and then the question in front of me is The question comes,

If Mumbai’s batting is second then maybe it is possible because under lights the ball moves a lot but if batting comes first then I think otherwise I will go to the no side right now. And after that another question comes in my mind that is whether Mumbai will score 45 or 45000 runs, I think it will score in six overs because that’s the way cricket will be played, Rohit will be on one side along with Ishan, Sura will not be at number three.

how a ball is made because Panth was getting less support

I said, come on brother, let’s show this bat, that’s why I showed it, so these are not so many spins, please sorry, sorry. Now, who are the three players of Gujarat on whom my focus will be? One is Shubman Gill, again as a better age. As a captain because the focus will be on how to captain, he is very young but very promising and the hope will be that he will take captain like fish to water, he will be very interesting, I think Kane Williamson will also be there.

He will play the match and will be around him to tell that Shuman can do this, he can do that and of course Ashish Nehra is the coach. Anyway, he is a very amazing coach, so it will be important to score runs for Shuman Gill A. Because as a leader, what do you want to earn respect and how to earn it? When you score runs yourself, suddenly the team starts looking at you saying that he is my leader and he is the one scoring runs.

Then from Do as I do not do as I, captaincy is important, one is Shubman Gill, the other player I am looking at is Rashid Khan because Rashid Khan had just come back from injury, although after that he hit a six against Ireland like this. I saw that A will bowl but now it is possible that the composition of their team includes Kane Williamson and David Miller because Shami is not there, so what can happen? If Noor and Rashid do not play together hypothetically, then what will happen? Will there be more pressure on Rashid? Where will he bowl? I am very

interested in Rashid. I am very intrigued to find out how he bowls and how many wickets he takes. Will there be much pressure If there is no Noor Ahmed Ideal You want to make a turning pitch in front of Mumbai but will this team make or not make the first match I am thinking a good pitch and the third player is Umesh Yadav Why am I saying Umesh Yadav because Umesh That the ball swings and if the bowling comes later, it will swing, it will be useful to them because underlie there is something about that Gujarat pitch, the ball moves a lot, they get a chance to take a lot of wickets,

How Important is the Role of a Keeper in a Cricket Match?

One back keeper, one front keeper, one back keeper, tell me how many keepers, I mean, this is what I saw, what are these people of Delhi doing? In fact, what about Delhi and Punjab, it seems that there is a glut of keepers. One said that we have three, they said that we have three. There are also three passes, he said leave it, we will also bring our impact player, I mean, it was amazing, honestly speaking, a lot of keepers played off course, Rishabh Pant, the keeper comes back, but Trusten Stupp is also a keeper,

Abhishek Poral is also a keeper, After Rishabh Pant is also a keeper, there is She Hope, in front, Prabh Simran Singh is a keeper, Jonny Bairstow is a keeper, Jitesh Sharma is a keeper, there are so many keepers, I mean, it is amazing, so many keepers but then on that pitch, which would have been an afternoon match.

We had also discussed yesterday that it is better to bowl first in the afternoon match because later on the underlit pitch plays a little better. That’s exactly how it pans out and the start is very good but then the wickets keep falling and then the wickets keep falling.

Then you stumble very badly once, this has been the story but in the end, my first performer of the day of that match was Abhishek Poral, now whoever comes, who comes in the impact sab ki manner. And you brought impact and then you started asking questions that you played Sumit, played Ri Bhui, you did not play Abhishek Poral, you sent him to bat because now your batting is over, all your batsmen have collapsed.

In which when Axar Patel gets run out, it felt that maybe you will not play even 20 overs, Abhishek Pore scores 25 runs in 20 overs, so the keeper who was actually not in their 11, who was probably not even in their scheme of things. They come and do a better job than all the other keepers. Shay Hope also scored a few runs but I am slightly surprised as to what they tried to do.

The Delhi team still looked a bit muddled because Ishant Sharma is in the 11 but Mukesh Kumar is not. What I mean is very strange but Abhishek Poral is my first performer of the day, stopping the front team at 174, although it could have been stopped before 174 if those 25 runs had not been lost in the last over, then Arshdeep Singh had a hand in it once again.

How did the batting order adjustments affect the outcome?

The first over was not good, he said, well, those fours hit fours and suddenly you feel that the first over of 11-12 runs is gone, what will happen now, but actually, 17 runs are scored in the first seven balls, the first ball of the second over is a six, then He goes round the stumps, he dismisses Mitchell Marsh.

Later he comes back and takes another wicket by going round the stumps of Sumit Kumar. Very economical, so well done. Arshdeep Singh Harshal also bowled well. To be fair but that was the last over. Arshdeep on A Little Expensive So that’s my second performer, who was my third performer in this match, Ishant Sharma ‘s twist of his leg and that ball changed the game because when his leg turned, then who could be brought in from outside.

Whom can you bring, you can’t do anything, your impact has been all used, so who will bowl the overs that were there, Sumit was forced to put Sumit Kumar in the end and Mitchell Marsh was trapped there if your one of the five. The bowlers are already ready, it means that you are going to look around like that.

Kuldeep Yadav was absolutely outstanding. He could have had three wickets. If Trent Stuss had caught the match, there could have been a little more excitement in the match. If David Werner had caught the catches, he left the match. He left me, by the way, Delhi. I also understood the strategy of this match a little less, but I am the third performer, Tom Curran comes to bat and bats very well.

Actually, he is promoted at number four. In bowling, he bowled only one over, the first over was 10. After that he did not get runs in bowling but he managed to score a half century while batting and was there till the end. If he had not been out on Khalil’s ball and two wickets had not fallen in two balls, it would have meant that he would have gone with a star in front of his name or would have gone unbeaten.

But the player of the match performance has come from the bat of Sam Karan, so bat-bat bhai Punjabiya Di Gal Bakhri, the first match in Mullapur has been started with a win. Delhi Off course is currently thinking only about which How to prepare properly, how to move ahead because there are very few teams which have a place in the top six.

Remember, the four players in the top six are overseas. Prithvi Shah was not played and with four players overseas, you decide to enter these. Top Six I think it’s a flood strategy Ana What to talk about the second match but the second match has not started yet At the time of recording I have to go and do the commentary now That’s a Sunrise Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders so comment on that I have to go, I am coming, I am calling, I am going Rati, keep this and let’s talk about the rest.

What strategies should Rajasthan adopt to counter Lucknow’s bowling attack?

The first match of the day, actually, will be played at Sai Man Singh Stadium, Jaipur. The match is Rajasthan vs The Lucknow Super Giants. Of course and one more thing I am telling you if you feel that the length of the blog has become a little long, brother, it has become long because four matches are taking place, review two, preview two, then we will not chapters.

today there was another nice feature of Nehal Wadhera, you say don’t make it so long, then we are not doing it, then I talk about this match. Rajasthan I feel like a good team Rajasthan actually because of the boys in it whether it is Yashasvi or Dhruv Jarrell down there, Ryan Parag is also being taken a little more seriously this time, Jos Buttler, Sanju Samson, then Rovman Powell slash, Sham, Hate Ma, it’s a good one.

There is no off-course jump in the team and bowling, but UG and Ravichandran Ashwin are there, Avesh is also there, Sandeep is also there and along with Trent Boult, there is a decent team, there is also Nandre Burger, there are a lot of options available. Which three players of this team do I like? The first one I am going to pick for this match is Yashasvi Jaiswal because the guy is very strong.

I am very bullish about the fact that he will win the Orange Cap. The form of Test cricket he has brought here and the way he has broken it. But he has come with instincts and Lucknow’s bowling is not that sharp in front, so I feel that this brother will break a lot in the first six overs. So, first of all, my player to watch out for is Yashasvi Jaiswal. It will be fun to watch the ball.

Secondly, I am saying Jos Buttler because Buttler could not do anything at all last year and when he does not do anything, the condition of the team becomes very bad. A I can actually go a step further in the opening partnership. Or this tournament is going to be the best, as I feel, it may actually be Butler and Jaiswal.

Which players formed the partnership with the highest impact?

When you see the combination towards the end, you will see who scored the most runs and who played the most balls. As a partnership, you will find that it may be Yashasvi and Jos Buttler, so my focus will be on Jos Buttler. Off course at number three, we will look at Sanju Samson and then later on, I want to see UG Chahal because no.

UG Chahal has also fallen out of favor a bit, so UG’s stats on this ground are not that good, but for how long will he not remain good, quality player, big ground, a bit spin friendly pitch and even the four, so I am thinking why not. Use Chahal Here, my focus is going to be more on these three players. When I look towards Lucknow, I start with how will PL play with Rahul, he is coming back from injury, he is also the captain, he will be batting at a new number but he I am very curious to see what will be the number, where will he

bat and how will he bat, so this is a thing worth watching because no one has scored more 600 plus scores than him, which means he has not scored consecutively, he is one of the best. You talk about this tournament, but amazing Rahul will be seen, will not be seen, we will find out, after that I think Devdutt Padikkal , tomorrow is a Devdutt Padikkal , tomorrow of Indian cricket but even today it is just on debut, he had scored 65 runs, now he might have opened.

If he is opening, then how will he play? I mean that’s another focus point, Devdutt Padikkal  and KL Rahul with the bat and the third player, I am thinking how will Ravi Bishnoi bowl because this captain uses Ravi Bishnoi. Should be done very well, actually wo n’t do it, I don’t know but I am seeing him bowling in the power play because as soon as the batting starts, then they will bring Bishnoi and will make him bowl in the power play also and wicket taking overs and then again he will If given, I am picking three bowlers and three players from the front team, that

is Rahul Devdutt and UG, sorry and Ravi Bishnoi, UG, I have picked Rajasthan, who can win this match, the one who chases will win this day’s match, I think. That’s what I’m thinking Rajasthan is a bit of an equal competition, well I think Rajasthan will qualify this time but Lucknow also has an outside chance, so if the 5th or 6th ranked team plays a little better, then it can quickly qualify.

Who are the Impact Players in the Kolkata Cricket Scene?

Do it also, so that datchi game of cricket, I mean, what a match is going on, what is going on, someone please explain, brother, this was the ground of Kolkata, I mean Eden Gardens, what a game, now I felt that man, this means it is unfair that A team has to lose because when you get so close, from one side you see Andre Russell, from the same side you see Henry Lawson, later on, it’s unfortunate, the team actually deserved to win, incredible, we actually Have watched only three matches, have already seen high quality cricket

and in every match, I will tell you one thing, the role of impact player in every match has been very interesting. Abhishek Sharma came as an impact player and batted later. Who was replaced by T Natarajan? Look at the performance of both of them. Now look at Ramandeep. Look at Suyash Sharma. Look at Abhishek Poral during the day.

I mean this is this is a norm now Prabh Simran Singh Yeh Impact Ever since the rule of the players has come, it has changed the game, it has changed the whole story, these lights have been extinguished, all these sets are sweats, that means you have seen the burning lights too, you have also seen the extinguished lights, but In this match, I am picking three players in Kolkata.

First of all, brother, what are you doing? You mean, you brought such a rude form, you gave muscle to Andre Russell’s ball, Andre inside the ball, Andre inside the ball, what are you doing my friend. Earlier, they used to send balls on sky journey, it seemed like now the space mission has been launched, every ball is going to send half a ball to Chandrayaan, it seemed that they will put the ball on the South Pole of the moon itself, it was absolutely incredible and their This type of batting is very good news for Kolkata,

it did not seem that he was such a terrible adventure because Russell had been very cold for the last two years, but when he plays like this, it is absolutely incredible, he is very good. The way he played and the way he hit sixes, taking the team to 208, I mean, it is a very big total, man, Phil Salt was also there in the beginning, he also batted amazingly, but the team definitely faltered in the middle, because of the neat teen Natarajan, those three wickets were his.

Well done, very good, all of that, but enough runs were made, were made, then comes the second performance, whose name is Heinrich Klaasen, I mean, these are the two biggest finishers in this league, and I’m not making it up and I. I am not even rating Ajaz, I am not saying just for one innings. If you can find a finisher like Andre Russell then it is not Heinrich Klaasen.

Man, at that number, he can put spin to fast bowling and hit sixes with such ease and those sixes. Not just hitting, the style of play of both of them is definitely different but the result is the same. They hit the ball for six runs. They hit the ball for six runs and that too outside the off stump.

Perhaps Henry Lawson has more range and Russell has more power but Henry With class, he had almost reached the team at the very threshold of victory. Off course everyone had contribution in it, be it Abhishek Sharma, Mayank Agarwal, I am important runs, Shahbaz also made runs, Abdul Samad also went by hitting a six, but that was Heinrich Klaasen, that was my.

Second Performance of the Day Last but not the least Rana ji please forgive us if I made a mistake I said this I did not say I said this when Ramandeep missed the catch A on Harshit Rana last over 13 runs A This is what you mean The bowler who is the most expensive bowler in the history of the league, who is the most expensive player, had bowled the most expensive over of this year in this league.

39 runs were needed in two overs, he gave 26, it is a crowd, it is a crowd, you must have seen that one. Reels, it seems that even Pat Kawin was expected to hit a four on the last ball. 20 crores are spent. He did not hit the ball. He did not even touch the ball. Mitchell Starc took big wickets. He gave away 55 in four.

He had given away 26 but after that. 13 save, hit a six on the first ball, don’t give a run after that, you win the match by four runs, brother Harshit Rana, well done, his three wickets, T Natarajan, three wickets, I mean, Kolkata should win the match, Kolkata, in my opinion, this team is very dangerous and Suya.

How can I forget Sharma’s catch, brother, that catch caught under pressure that was already the catch of the tournament and when you see this catch in that contact, a better catch under pressure than this will take time to come. I mean this has been a game. To remember Kolkata is ready Hyderabad is a good side but KKR this year I feel they will do something special

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