MI or Hardik Pandya in Sunrisers vs Mumbai?

Sunrisers vs Mumbai : Will Mumbai Indians be able to break their losing streak ?

Will Mumbai win in Sunrisers vs Mumbai or will Hardik Pandya also win along with Mumbai? Well, the question in your mind will be that brother, is Mumbai and Hardik Pandya different, then let us tell you that Hardik Pandya and Mumbai are completely different. The story of Indians is not the same.

Hardik Pandya, who is the captain of Mumbai Indians, is currently facing four problems and out of these four problems, only one problem is such that technically it is the problem of Mumbai Indians and that is the problem of IL winning till now. In all the matches that have taken place, the home team has won every match. Sunrisers Hyderabad, led by Pat Cummins, their team which played the first match brilliantly, is going to face Mumbai Indians on their home conditions and we all know it.

That the Hyderabad team is very strong in Hyderabad, meaning if CSK is known as an impregnable fort in Chipak, then the same impregnable fort becomes Hyderabad for SRH because there they are winning matches at almost 65 per cent. Chipak won on 71, but what is Hardik Pandya’s problem? There are four problems for Hardik Pandya.

The first problem is that Mumbai Indians, who removed Rohit Sharma and made him the captain, should give him the gift of victory because Mumbai had lost in the first match. Mumbai is not able to save Mumbai Indians and it is a team which starts slowly but this year they had power packed players and in such a situation, if there are some self-doubts then they will not be surprised.

The Evolution of Mumbai Indians: From Powerhouse to Rebuilding

The second thing about Mumbai Indians was the logic that We start slow, pick up the pace later, that era was different, Kieron Pollard was there, Lasat Malinga was there, Jasprit Bumra was there, Surya Kumar Yadav was at his peak, Ishan Kishan was able to wreak havoc, Trend Boult was sharp, Quinton de Kock was wreaking havoc at that time and these Among all the players, Mumbai Indians used to often come back and perform tremendously but now that era is no more, those players are not there and today Mumbai has only a few big names, the rest of the names

are either good in form. Are you struggling or trying to establish yourself? In such a situation, Hardik Pandya is playing without the confidence of the dressing room. We all have seen that Hardik Pandya does not have confidence in the dressing room of Mumbai, all those players who do not even get a chance.

It is found that they are also posting stories about Rohit Sharma Captain Forever Surya Kumar Yadav We all saw that ever since the news came, they have included Jaspreet Dumraon on social media and also inside the ground in the last matches when Hardik Pandya came to him.

He had reached and was saying that do this and that and then he had made a joke in a way that he will go to Rohit Sharma and teach him, the way he has evolved from Rohit, I think that is a big problem for Hardik Pandya. That he does not have the confidence of the dressing room and if in such a situation Mumbai India loses then perhaps Hardik Pandya’s presence as a captain will become even more weak and the dressing room will become more isolated from him.

If you see, you can clearly see two groups, one is Hardik Pandya group in which Ambani is, Ishan Kishan is probably with him but all the other senior or junior players are seen to be in Rohit Sharma’s camp and the fans are The support that is there for Rohit Sharma also seems to be going there. Be it Kumar Karthikeya or Akash Madhwal, these are all those players who are not even playing and yet are supporting Rohit Sharma.

How to Improve Hardik Pandya’s Batting Performance: A Comprehensive Guide

So there is one problem here and the third one. The problem facing Hardik Pandya is whether Hardik Pandya will be able to prove himself as a batsman because there are many questions raised regarding his position in the last match. We all know that once upon a time, Hardik Pandya was amazing. He was a batsman but in the last few years, as a batsman, he has not given enough performances to be praised for and especially in the last match when Hardik sent Tim David on himself when Rashid Khan had an over left, all the cricketers in the world…

Questions were raised on him and it was said that any Indian batsman whose confidence is not low will never send a foreign player to bat against him and the result was that he took 48 runs and seven wickets in six overs. He becomes the reason for Mumbai’s defeat. Mumbai Indians are not able to finish the match and questions are raised about Hardik Pandya’s approach and his consistency.

However, this is the same Hardik Pandya whose videos used to go viral earlier. Wait, I am there, I will do it. Hardik Pandya does not come in front of a spinner and when he comes, Umesh Yadav also controls him and the match does not end in front of Umesh Yadav, so this is a big factor. Apart from this, most The big factor is the smell of the crowd.

This team has gone to Hyderabad before going to Wankhede but no one has forgotten what happened in Ahmedabad and the way this match was made in Ahmedabad, after that Hardik Pandya has the biggest tension. That if a crowd of 60,700 people rushes in front of you and when you enter the ground, someone calls you ‘Chhapri’, someone makes fun of you, someone calls Rohit Sharma the king of Mumbai, then your confidence in a captain falls.

Generally, when you go at the time of toss, the noise which should have been for your team is made against you by another player of your team, then your confidence falls when you are fielding and you misfield and your When there is applause on a misfield, then your confidence falls.

How Can Hardik Pandya Fix the Public Mockery Incident?

When a dog enters the field and makes fun of you in his name, then your confidence falls after seeing this. When the senior players of your own team do not take you seriously, then your confidence falls. Junior players of your team put stories for some other player in your place, then your confidence falls when you send someone else to bat, knowing that you are a big finisher, you have more experience in international matches, you have overall T-20.

You have more experience in cricket and the most important thing is that you yourself are the captain. It is often said about the captain that he is leading from the front but Hardik Pandya was leading from behind. These are all the things due to which Hardik’s problems are going to increase and that is why our question is.

Mumbai would like to win in Sarish’s match but will Hardik Pandya be able to win because if Hardik Pandya loses this match here then the phase of factionalism against Hardik Pandey will become bigger. Even the commentators were not able to understand in the last match. You remember that incident in which all the commentators asked Brian Lara that we have never seen and we have never witnessed any true thing like that, never has any Indian player been publicly mocked in this way, even the players who were in support of Hardik.

Like when Virender Sawag gave a statement, many people are also taking his class, in such a situation the question is that even Brian Lara did not understand the answer to the question that was asked to Brian Lara that how to fix it and that is why Because maybe he replied in one word Play for India, there is no option other than this, now the question is, will Hardik Pandya win the match, will Hardik Pandya win his battle on four platforms, first is to make the team win the match, second is to win the hearts of that crowd, third is to win the match. This question of

winning the hearts of his teammates and fourthly leading from the front as a captain and his performance as a batsman is very important because Hardik Pandya is not having a good day. A win might fix some things but Another defeat can probably spoil a lot. Please let us know what you have to say.

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