KKR vs SRH Match Review with Russel and Klaasen

KKR vs SRH – What went wrong with Narayan’s strategy in the match?

So how are you guys, yesterday the match was KKR vs SRH Hyderabad Korbo Lad Bo Jeetbo Re means it is said that people had gone to Kolkata to receive the message and yesterday Shahrukh Khan had a sweet tooth somewhere because he had come to support his team. In the match and KKR was seen playing in the same manner, it was an amazing team and this match was in Eden Garden and it was some amazing match because out of all the matches held till now, it was one of the best and nail whitening match and this was Everyone likes to watch high scoring matches,

sixes and fours and yesterday we saw Russell the Muscle Power and a class of class from the next side, so who is not crazy about such matches? And then let’s see what happened in the match, it will be played soon. Kolkata Knight Riders came to play first and Narayan’s formula flopped because Narayan got run out while doing Narayan Nayan, that too by hitting a direct throw on non-striker end by Shahwaz Ahmed and Narayan was seen strolling in the bus park.

His strategy was that it flopped, then came Venkatesh Iyer and KKR had a lot of expectations from Venkatesh Iyer, but the one who has expectations, he stands on expectations, did n’t he also hit one or two good shots and then got handed the cash, but on the other hand From Philip Shaw, I don’t think KKR has that much confidence or expectations in the way they have from Nitish Rana or Venkatesh Iyer from Shreyas Iyer, but Salt held the entire wicket from one side and captain Shreya from the other side. I don’t know anything short,

he got out short, I think Shrey Iyer needs to check, as a captain, your wicket has just fallen, you need to play carefully, but where was Iyer to believe, Iyer swung the shot, he was out. Then come who of us, who says that Nitesh Rana is the backbone of KKR’s batting order and there were expectations from Nitesh Rana that brother, so many wickets have fallen, you play carefully but where were they going to believe, he also used the bat and got out. But after that, from whom there was

What challenges did Mitchell Starc face despite his high price in the league?

no expectation i.e. Ramandeep Singh was sent, Ramandeep Singh came and dominated because not only he made a partnership but he also made a brother, that is to say, he did not show any bright colors and somewhere his whole head must have gone, he of Hyderabad. What is happening brother, things were going very well right now.

the partnership that was built from there and the run scoring process continued after that you know KKR has one of the best finishers in the IPL who is Rinku Singh and Andre Russell Russell The Muscle Guru spread his power and became dominant, meaning he hit such sixes and fours and hitting sixes is like taking a cup of tea comfortably for him, brother, he hit a lot, 64 runs, hit three fours and seven sixes in 25 balls and scored more runs. Put the

score of 208 runs on the board, now this 208 comes out of nowhere, brother, it is very difficult because the score of 200 only puts you under pressure mentally because it is a big target, I had to score 208 runs. Also, in front of such a fast line-up, Mitchell Starc is a bowler whose price is above Rs 25 crores, which means that the entire Abu Dhabi League franchiser has come and has half the budget, so it should have been difficult for him, but Mitchell Starc was scattered right from the start.

The impact of batting partnerships on team success

What is Sultan doing, what am I thinking and this time again he has told that the player who will be sold the most will be the one who will be laughed at because he spent so much money on the stump, leave alone bowling according to that, no one was seen anywhere near him, the money was wasted, both the batsmen Mayank Agarwal.

And Abhishek Sharma batted tremendously in the opening and created a storm in the power. He hit fours and sixes. Mitchell Starr was seen running away and I think Shahrukh Khan would also be watching that brother, you have spent so much money on this, see how. Their demolition is going on, kill us, don’t leave us alive, but then the wickets fell, Tripathi came, Tripathi scored a little but expects a lot from Tripathi, Sunrisers Hyderabad team because Tripathi comes one down, has a back bone, knows how to play fast, slow down

Know how to run the game, then came Aiden Makram and there was a good partnership between the two, but wickets fell again, the problem of Hyderabad was that there was no player left who could finish the game till the end. After being set and due to this, it happened in the middle that a very high run rate was required, the over was required at around 20 runs and there was class and Shahwaz Ahmed, but this is where the match really started because class was hitting from one side.

Were going and got to see the class and those who left it and those who did not bid must be regretting that the class is about to take it by storm brother, this was just a trailer because of the way the guy has run the game. He was giving such sixes to Mitchell Struck, who was sold at such an expensive price, that everyone was stunned that he is not a player with a base price, why did you shake him, because I think for Hyderabad, this is the best thing that he did this season.

How Can a Cricket Match Change in No Time?

The thing is that we bought Klaas for the base price of Rs 2 crore and the brothers prevailed because this was the best deal. I don’t think anything would happen because Klaas had almost finished the match but unfortunately look, the game of cricket is like this where 20-20 runs. Scores were needed and in the last over, Harshit Rana, who did not have that much experience, needed 13 runs and who was the class in front, took a six on the first ball and felt that the match was over from here, but this was the twist and turn, he

took a single on the second ball. He went non-strike and Shahwaz Ahmed picked it up and hit him out on the third ball and after that everything changed in no time, circumstances changed and emotions changed, meaning the match which Hyderabad could have easily won went to KKR and KKR, I think it was a very good start because after scoring so many runs, you lose, not only mentally but totally, that is, somewhere you get worried that something is missing, but in the end, KKR saved the match and won. If we are

starting this tournament with Hyderabad, then it looks like a very strong team because Russell the Muscle Power will be seen this year and I think this IPL is going to be one of the best IPL, so all the supporters of Hyderabad are not going to be disappointed. There is no need for the first match, what an amazing cricket you have played, Hyderabad may not have won the match but it has definitely won the hearts of crores of people and it continues like this because if the class is visible there then I think Hyderabad is

also a favorite team. She will be one of the best and will definitely perform well. So let’s end the video with this. Today is Sunday Double Dhamaka. Support your teams. Whom are you supporting? Do write in the comments.

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