Exploring : Top 5 Poorest Countries in the World
Exploring : Top 5 Poorest Countries in the World

Exploring : Top 5 Poorest Countries in the World

Top 5 Poorest Countries in the World

We are going to tell you about the poor countries and also we are going to tell you about the economic condition of these countries, employment and their income.

This question must have come in your mind that how is the list of poor countries prepared, so friends, we will tell you. Let us tell you that in preparing the list of poor countries, the country’s economy and per capita income, business property and most importantly property purchased from abroad are included. In this way the list of poor countries is prepared, so let’s talk now.

NO 1 : Exploring the Poverty Crisis: A Focus on Haiti

Regarding the world’s poorest countries, the name of the country Haiti comes on the top in the number one list and is also the third largest country among the Caribbean countries. People of this country have the highest addiction to lottery.

Not only this, in this country The people living here are orphans and the children are orphans and the disasters that come here help in making it poor in some way or the other. In the eyes of the world, Haiti is a different place. In fact, there are many such things in this country which are smaller than this. What makes the country different from other countries is the language used here.

Let us tell you that and French are the official languages ​​of the country and these two languages ​​are also used officially in the country by 42% of the people here. They speak Haintien while all the rest are friends, but friends, Hateen language sounds very interesting to hear. The people here are very calm and are also the most helpful.Even though this country is the poorest, the people here remain happy even in poverty.

We would like to tell you that it is on the first place in the list of the poorest countries in the world, seven per cent of the population lives below the poverty line, the total population is one point 14 crores. You will be surprised to know, but about 24% of the total population of this country.

% population is 1.23 Prahar Rose Committee and in this they live their life. You will mostly see the number of slums. Now let’s talk about the reason for poverty here. The main reason for poverty here is the education system here. Only Only 53% people are educated and the economy depends the most on agriculture. In this country, 80% people do farming and earn their living from it.

Banana and mango are cultivated the most here, apart from this, White rice is the highest in India and the rice here is very much liked all over the world. It also exports coffee, oil and coca. Apart from this, it plays a role in increasing tourism. Every year more than 10 lakh tourists come to visit but then Haiti is also considered to be one of the poorest countries.

The biggest reason for this is the people themselves. The thing is that the people of Haiti are very lazy. If they are given any task then they should complete it on time as per the principles of the people here. It is considered against, that is why even today this country is living in poverty because the income of the people here is low and the government schemes are also not that much and these people are not able to take the benefits of them, that is why poverty is considered to be the highest in this country. Even though

today Haiti is counted among the poorest countries in the world, there was a time when Haiti was included in the list of the richest countries in the world. There was so much money here that you cannot even count it. During this time, the British plundered this country so much that this country soon reached the level of poverty.

After the slavery of the British, this country was left with nothing. Another main reason for Haiti’s poverty is that people believe in lottery. Well, people have a lot of faith in lottery and the people here waste more money in lottery than what they earn. Another reason for this country not being able to progress is that the people of happy country have a lot of faith in art and magic.

Here in the dark of the night, people are seen chanting the mantra of democracy. When they fall ill, the people of this country go less to the doctor and more to the Tantrikas. Apart from this, it is also true that the highest number of orphans in the world are found in this country. Yes, there are more orphan children in Hanthi than any other country in the world.

There are 43000 orphan girls in ITI, while now this number is expected to increase further.

NO 2 : Understanding the Socioeconomic Landscape of Victoria, Central Africa

Friends, the name of the country which comes second in the list of poorest countries in the world is For one Victoria, this country is located in Central Africa. This country is considered one of the smallest countries in Africa.

Talking about its total population, it is around 12 lakhs and 76.8% of the total population of the country is below the poverty line. And the income of the people here is very low compared to other countries but with the same income, people have to support themselves. The main source of income of this country is oil. Let us tell you that along with the low income of the people here, There is also a lack of education here, people have no interest in reading and writing, the picture here will look exactly like Mumbai in India, where on one side there are tall

buildings, well settled people live and on the other side, there are people living in slums who are living in slums. They work hard continuously to earn their living and in return they are given a few dollars in the name of money. It is not that the government here was not doing anything to improve the lives of its people.

The government does its best. But due to lack of information among the people due to education and due to lack of information, most of the people here are not able to avail the benefits of the schemes and remain poor.

NO 3 :Zimbabwe’s Economic Struggles: A Deep Dive

The country whose name comes at number 3 in today’s list is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country of South Africa.

facing the brunt of the falling economy. Due to the declining economy, Zimbabwe saw 5% currency loss in the year 2019, which reached 676% in March 2020. Poverty, hunger and malnutrition are prevalent here today. Zimbabwe is recognized as the seventh largest country in the world in terms of area.

Zimbabwe, which comes third in the list, the number of poor in the country is increasing day by day. 32% of the total population of Zimbabwe lives below the poverty line. Generally, in a country, inflation increases by seven to nine percent or even 10% in a year, but in Zimbabwe, the inflation rate was 12% in the year 2006.

Not only this, in 2007 the inflation rate increased by 66000%. Afsaal, in the beginning of 2008, it increased by 12%. Reached 230 million. At this time, there was a period of economic market in the whole world. In the year 2008, in November, the inflation rate increased to 79 billion. Now the government realized its mistake and ordered to stop the printing of notes, but till now It was too late that people had to carry their daily essentials like bread and toothpaste in trolley bags.

Poverty is increasing day by day in Zimbabwe and the direct reason for this is the low income of the people here. After all, the sadness is that the people of this country have now come to terms with poverty. You will be surprised to know, but Zimbabwe is the only country in the world with the highest number of official languages.

Yes, there are a total of 16 official languages ​​here. Friends, although every country There is an official currency, like the name of India’s currency is Rupee, but at present there is no official currency of Zimbabwe, only American dollar is used, although earlier there was an official currency of Zimbabwe whose name was Zimbabwe Dollar but in the year 2009 it was changed to American Dollar.

NO 4 : What is the ranking of the Democratic Republic of Congo in terms of poverty?

The currency has been abolished. Democratic Republic of Congo is at fourth place in this list. According to the recently released data, poverty is highest in this country. The annual income of the people living in this country is around Rs 753, which is Around 50 thousand people visit India every year. Republic of Congo is located in Africa.

Some part of this country is found in the Indian Ocean. This country is the third largest country in Africa in terms of area. However, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the world’s largest country in terms of natural resources. It is considered to be the richest country and its raw mineral reserves are estimated to be worth 24 trillion tonnes but politically lax attitude, lack of infrastructure and corruption are all responsible for making this country one of the poorest countries.

Talking about corruption, there is no dearth of it. If you want to reduce even the smallest of your losses, then first you will have to bribe a government official. Without bribe, even the poor cannot be reduced in this country. Tantric Republic of Congo in Africa. It is one of the most populous countries and almost three out of four of its poorest people spend less than 1.

90 per day, which shows how close people here are compared to other countries in the world. At this time,

NO 5 : Swaziland: A Country of Contrasts – Poverty and Natural Beauty

friends, in this list, Swaziland or Eswatini comes at the fifth place. This Swatini is an African country and it is included in the list of those countries which have not only one new but two capitals, Maa-Bab-An and Lo Bamba.

In this way, the capital is Ma-Babiyan. Apart from being the capital of this country, it is also the biggest city here. On one hand, Mawa Behan is currently called the administrative capital of Ali, while Lo Bamba is the traditional capital of this country. The rate is 6 points per cent while the population of this country is around 10 lakh.

We all know that AIDS is one of the most devastating diseases of the human race and this is the reason why people are most troubled by this disease. According to some reports, It has been predicted that in the coming few years, one out of every four people aged between 15 to 40 will be seen to be a victim of this disease.

In this group, most of the women are affected by 8. Due to this reason, the people of this country are suffering from this disease. The average age is only 58 years. This is a country where people neither have money to eat a full meal nor proper clothes to wear, but the king here has urban wealth and this wealth is increasing day by day.

This king lives the life of Aishwaryaram by keeping his people hungry. Let us tell you that the people here are so poor that they do not even have two meals a day. They do not have enough money to eat a full meal. Even after this, the kings here do not think about their subjects but think about their own luxuries and comforts.

This country is so naturally beautiful that it is also called a country full of mysteries. Every friend, you must be thinking that this is such a small country. What is there and what can be visited here, but you will be surprised to know that this is a great place for tourists, so friends, these were the five nearest countries of our world.

Have you visited these countries and if you have, then how was your experience. Please do comment

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