Discover the Beauty and Innovation of the Netherlands

Why is the Netherlands Known for its Innovative Minds?

Today we are going to talk about a country where eight jails had to be closed. This country is not only exporting beer but also flowers. Be it 12:00 in the night or three girls can roam here safely, that too alone. The credit for discovering countries like Australia and New Zealand also goes to this country alone. The height of the people here is much higher than you think. And in this country you will see more cycles than people. One of the happiest and safest countries in the world, this country is none other than Netherlands, where people with innovative minds live, so what are you waiting for, fasten your seat belt properly.

And let’s travel, friends of Netherlands, in the Netherlands situated on the sea shore, there is beauty from the first ray of morning till the last ray of night. Netherlands is a developed country situated at the northern end of Europe,

whose total area is 4186 5 square km, that is, our The northern and western borders of the country, almost equal to Haryana, meet the sea, southern Belgium, and eastern Germany. The total population of the country is around 1 crore 76 188000 and it is included among those countries in the world where the population density is quite good. Here you will find 522 People will be seen within the radius of every kilometer. About 94 per cent of the total population lives in urban areas and only 6 per cent lives in villages, but the villages here are also heavy on your HiFi cities.

How has the level of happiness in the Netherlands changed over the years?

From colorful houses to CCTV cameras, WiFi internet, everything. There is something in these villages that means they can beat even a world class city, they are so classy. Although in Netherlands 90 to 93 people speak English but the official language here is not English but Dutch which is used most colloquially. People visiting here do not face any problem because everyone is familiar with English and also speaks it. The heart of this country i.e. the capital is Amsterdam which is the largest and most beautiful city of the country. Around 1174 people live here due to its beauty. Today, Amsterdam has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It used to be a lifeless village in the 13th century where people used to come only for the purpose of fishing, but today this small village is so developed that every year around 1.5 crore tourists come to visit it. By the way,

friends, apart from Amsterdam, there is another capital city of Netherlands, The Hague, that is, it is a country which has not one but two capitals. Netherlands is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. It has been in the World Happiness Report continuously since 2012. This country has definitely kept its name in the top 10 countries. In the survey conducted in the year 2023, Netherlands has been declared as the fifth happiest country in the world whereas last year this country was at sixth position, that is, the level of happiness is increasing year after year in Netherlands.

Exploring the Bicycle Culture and Fitness Obsession in the Netherlands

Well, there would be nothing wrong if we call this country a country of bicycles because there are more bicycles than the population here, i.e. about 22 million. Actually, people here have a different craze for riding bicycles, this is their means of going to school and this is what they need to go to office. Another reason for loving bicycles so much is fitness. You will not see anyone fat in the Netherlands. Everyone is healthy and slim and to maintain their fitness, the people of Netherlands prefer bicycles. However, the people of Netherlands are very fond of eating. They are very fond of dinner, but friends, due to their health,

more than half of the population here sleeps without eating at night because they believe that dinner can improve body health and fitness.Well, it is true, friends, in the Netherlands when you leave your homes. If you see, you will find that their doors are longer than the normal size, but why is this because the people of Netherlands are taller than the average height.

The tallest people in the world are found in the Netherlands only. The average height of the people here is 175.5. It is up to 62 cm, whereas if we talk only about men, their average height is around 182.9 cm. Now you must have understood why the doors of the houses of Netherlands are so long. Apart from being tall, the boys of this country are also quite tall. He is also handsome and girls lose their hearts on seeing him, stylish hair, dashing personality and amazing looks,

that is why most of the boys of Netherlands choose modeling as their career option, while the killer style of the girls here also catches the attention of the girls of the country.

Interesting Facts about the Netherlands: Land of Windmills and Wooden Shoes

You ca n’t tell when the intoxicating eyes will make a tourist crazy, so you should stay safe. Well, some people also know this country by the name of Holland. Even according to some people, the other name of Netherlands is Holland, but it is not so,

friends, actually. This confusion started when a place in the Netherlands made the kings and emperors rich in terms of income. At that time, this place was called North Holland and South Holland, but soon people made this province so famous. Friends, Netherlands is known as The Land of Tulips, the land of windmills, canals, clogs and coffee shops, because this country exports the most flowers in the world. Here people also like to cultivate flowers in farming.

Among these flowers, tulip flower is the most exported which goes to the country and abroad, whereas wind mills are there because in this small country there are more than 1000 wind mills which can be seen in the old It is equivalent to getting lost in the world. Here at 85, electricity is also produced from these wind mills. In the Netherlands, as far as you can see, you will definitely see windmills. Talking about clogs, friends, wooden shoes are quite famous in this country. Netherlands, the crown of technology and beauty, is the country in the world which first accepted homosexuality, that is, here two girls and two boys can marry each other.

Reasons Why Dutch Women Prefer Home Births

This rule was brought only in the year 2001, although some People raised objections but they did not agree, that is, this country is quite open minded. From India to America, from China to Japan, women consider it safe to give birth in a hospital, but Netherlands is a country where home birth is still considered safe. It is preferred that Dutch women at 30 in the Netherlands still give birth to babies at home. Friends, the identity of every country is its national anthem,

which every citizen teaches with pride from the beginning of sports to special occasions and at the time of independence. Netherlands is a bit different in this matter because its national anthem is Williams which has the status of being the oldest national anthem in the world, although it was officially adopted in 1932 because it was ready by then.

Friends, you have heard the tourist buses running on the roads or You must have seen common buses, but what happens when these buses take you on a tour of the urban country through rivers. In the year 2017, Netherlands did such a miracle when official river buses were launched. This is such a bus which when plying on the roads, takes you to the country. Will show a beautiful view of but suddenly after descending into the river, it will present a unique glimpse of the country.

Do you know why the sea present between Australia and New Zealand is called Tasman Sea? Now you will wonder what is its link with the Netherlands, just like India is called Vasco.

How did the Netherlands protect itself from the sea?

Digama China was discovered by Marco Polo and America was discovered by Columbus. Similarly, Australia and New Zealand were discovered by the Netherlands, meaning a citizen here named Abel Tasman started his voyage in 1642 and saw Australia and New Zealand for the first time. Since then, the border between these two countries is called Tasman Sea after the name of Able Tasman. Friends,

Netherlands is in great danger from the sea. Sensing this danger, the government of Netherlands got a 1400 km boundary built between the sea and the country. Which prevents the sea water from coming into the country, if even by mistake it breaks, then the Netherlands will be submerged in 40. You will not feel like a stranger in the Netherlands because most of the population of the country has come and settled from other countries.

Countries like Morocco, Turkey, Aruba and Suriname are included. Due to so much diversity, there is one advantage here and that is the different tastes and dishes in the country. You can enjoy a new dish every day. Talk about the national dish of the Netherlands. So that is Stump Pot,

crushed potatoes, green vegetables and sausage like Spanish Corzo. This dish is known as Hath Spot. Apart from food, the people of this country are very fond of drinking beer, whether it is small or big Dutch. Pup just needs an excuse to open the bottle. As soon as the bottle is opened, an atmosphere of fun is created in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is at the forefront not only in drinking but also in selling beer.

Surprising Aspects of Dutch Military Culture

After Mexico, the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of beer in the world. It is the country which exported beer worth about 2 billion Euros in 2021. It is said that the taste of Netherlands’ beer is different and unique. In the Army, Navy or any other force of any country, it is almost compulsory for the juniors to salute the seniors, but in the Netherlands It is not so here that it is not at all necessary for any soldier to salute his senior officer,

it is his choice. Prostitution has been made legal in this country but with one condition and the other condition is that the age of the girls should be 18 plus. Whereas the age of boys should be more than 16 years otherwise there will be both fine and punishment, so friends in Netherlands any girl can roam alone on the streets even after 12:00 in the night because apart from being a happy country, it is also a safe country.

This is a country where the crime rate is around zero. There is hardly one crime in every 10 to 12 years. If you don’t believe it then listen to this. The Netherlands government closed eight of its prisons because there were no prisoners in them. Where would the prisoners be from? No one commits any crime. In fact, in Netherlands, people have a good lifestyle, house, money, car, family, dreams, education, health facility, job and good salary, everything is there,

then why would anyone commit a crime? Friends, the people of this country are considered quite innovative in the world today. People keep their eyes on the shares in the stock market but very few people know that the world’s first stock market was invented by a businessman from the Netherlands, which was started in 1602. Not only this, microscope, telescope and pendulum clock were also invented.

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